How can we better understand the air we breathe indoors and outdoors?

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Product / Service

  • Real-Time Air Quality (AQ) Maps
  • Advanced IAQ Sensors
  • Energy Efficient Technology

Innovation Focus

Comfortable Air
Provide clean, fresh air to anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Smart Living
Nurture a human-centered, sustainable society.

Applied Collaborator Programs

  • Engineering Support
  • Expanded Collaboration
  • Proof of Value

On the road to providing better air comfort

When Daikin first met eLichens at a Plug and Play event in Silicon Valley, the two companies quickly learned that there was much room for collaboration.

eLichens, a startup based in France, is dedicated to developing a comprehensive platform that measures and predicts air quality with a high degree of accuracy. Since eLichens shared the same goals as Daikin—which is to improve and provide air quality readings across the globe—eLichens sought out Daikin for their expertise in air, and set forth to co-create a high efficiency Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) connected station.

Wahid Issa, CEO - eLichens
Wahid Issa
CEO - eLichens

“Because eLichens wanted to collaborate with the leader of each market, we reached out to collaborate with Daikin.

Although many companies ask for a finished product before they are willing to engage, Daikin began collaborating with us in R&D from the experimental stage. Daikin has a great passion for innovation.”

From ideation to application

Utilizing Daikin’s resources and expertise, eLichens was able to further develop and fund the engineering of their sensing system. This collaboration allowed the system to generate real-time AQ maps.

eLis: Micro Low Power - High Efficiency IAQ Station

Deploying a co-developed sensing system

eLichens and Daikin co-developed an IAQ Station that can detect air quality parameters in order to create new solutions related to air comfort. Through Daikin’s global network, the module was deployed and tested in multiple locations totaling over 300,000 sq.ft. (nearly the same square footage as the World Trade Center in New York) in a single proof of concept (PoC) duration.

eLos: Solar Power Smart Outdoor AQ Connected Station

Exploring new horizons

As part of the PoC test, eLichens recently placed sensing modules in the San Francisco Bay Area, and began populating a real-time heat map of outdoor air quality. To further this initiative, Daikin will use this data to help the public respond faster to air quality anomalies in the community.

Real Time IAQ Mapping
Sample historical air quality data provided courtesy eLichens SA of France
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From the Daikin Team...

“By working hand in hand with eLichens and Daikin internal teams, we made a nice foundation to try various PoCs. It was simply fun. We started something as a two-person idea, rapidly connecting various departments, growing the project team, and executing the PoC all the way through customer validation.” — Tasuku Nango [Manager, Innovation Program]

Before & After Sensor Deployment

Sample historical air quality data provided courtesy eLichens SA of France