A century of dedication toward constant improvement.

We have been innovating for nearly a century and have created many disruptive innovations. Our dedication to providing solutions that work has resulted in our industry-leading products. As the largest air conditioning manufacturer in the world, we have a high potential to offer assistance to new start-up companies looking to make a bigger impact. It’s how we have continued to lead for over 95 years.

Our core competencies.

  • Air Conditioning Systems

    We utilize a wide variety of solutions to provide comfort in both living and commercial spaces to meet changing climate needs around the world.

  • FluoroChemicals

    As an industry pioneer, we’ve brought the world more than 1,800 types of fluorine compounds using our experience and technology to help enrich daily life while conserving energy and resources.

  • Filters

    We create high-performance filters to purify air around the world. We aim to grow and evolve by developing new markets through future collaborations.

We hope to inspire change through innovation.

Through our hard work and dedication, we hope to make a difference that we all can see, from generation to generation.

Our Open Innovation Leadership

Collaboration starts with great people. Our Open Innovation team provides experience and insight to help accelerate your opportunity.

  • Chun-cheng Piao, Ph.D.

    President, Daikin Open Innovation Lab Silicon Valley

    “Working with Silicon Valley startups to bring new innovation into traditional HVAC industries”

  • Katsuyoshi Kubo

    Vice President, Strategy Planning

    “Let’s create real business success stories.”

  • Thomas (Tom) Joseph

    Vice President, Technology Innovation

    “Creating a culture that fosters innovation and digital transformation”

  • Sägar Gattepally

    Director, Platform Architecture

    “Building Cyber-Physical microservice and IoT platform and helping Daikin’s digital transformation”

  • Josiah Johnston, Ph.D.

    Principal Data Scientist

    “I strive to address societal problems through advanced computations and collaborations.”

  • Kenji Obata

    Manager, Business Development

    “Let’s create something ‘new’ through the Silicon Valley ecosystem.”

  • Tasuku Nango

    Manager, Innovation Program

    “I strive to co-create something ‘cool’ with startups.”

  • Robert (Rob) Prickett

    Manager, Product Innovation

    “My recipe for success: Cross-functional collaboration, a user focus, and the courage to try”